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Welcome to our exquisite eco-luxury villa property website, where nature’s beauty meets opulence. Immerse yourself in sustainable elegance and discover a sanctuary where green living and luxury intertwine seamlessly.






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Welcome to the Issara's Belmond

Where We Build Your Visions

The entire community is developed in dense flora lining. What further sets the project apart from the rest is the Eco-consciousness with which it is conceived to inspire nature living without compromising on the luxury quotient. It is a plush assemblage of mindfulness, abundance and sophistication.

The spectacular Club House, intended to provide residents with an unmatched living experience, adds to the majesty of the Villas. In addition to the Ultra-luxurious living spaces, the community offers a host of amenities including a Swimming Pool, Fitness centre, Landscaped Gardens, and more. With Round-the-Clock Security, 100% Power backup and other modern conveniences, residents can enjoy a worry-free lifestyle. With great pleasure, we warmly invite you to unwinding the lap of Eco-luxury at Issara’s Belmond.

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Why Pedda Golconda?

Relocate to Pedda Golconda for its unbeatable advantages: 5 mins to the airport, 2 mins to ORR, 30 mins to the financial district. Enjoy a traffic-free, pollution-free environment and be close to a 400-acre urban forest. It’s the perfect blend of convenience and nature.


Find the best in luxurious living at our top-notch eco-friendly villa project, located close to the airport and with easy access to the outer ring road. Enjoy a perfect mix of convenience and sustainability in your dream home.

Central Courtyard

The central courtyard, nestled within each villa, serves as a serene oasis, fostering tranquility and promoting an eco-conscious environment.

2 Min To ORR

Our project's prime location, only 2 minutes from the ORR, offers residents seamless connectivity and easy access to the city.

E-Conscious theme

Embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle in our villa project, where nature and mindful living seamlessly converge.

Near To Airport

Just 5 km from the airport, our project offers frequent travelers unmatched convenience and seamless accessibility.

Premium Specs

Indulge in luxury with our project's premium specs, showcasing Italian marble tiles and high-quality fixtures, ensuring the finest standards for your home.

IGBC Certified Architect

Belmond villa's Architect are IGBC certified. They have designed every inch with proper thought process.

Villa Floor Plans

Luxury floor plans are meticulously designed works of art, crafted by renowned architects with attention to detail. They offer spacious, grand living spaces with abundant natural light and breathtaking views. Customization options allows personalized touches like private libraries and smart home technology adds convenience. Indoor-outdoor integration embraces the surrounding landscape, while exclusive amenities and prime locations provide a lifestyle of opulence and prestige. Overall, luxury floor plans offer a bespoke experience that transcends the ordinary and embodies sophistication and indulgence.

East 477 SQ Yards

West 477 SQ Yards

Welcome to Our Clubhouse - Where Luxury Meets Community Living!

Discover indulgence and elegance at our exquisite clubhouse, a true centerpiece of opulence and modern living. With upscale amenities and versatile spaces, our thoughtfully designed clubhouse fosters a vibrant community, forging connections and cherished memories. Experience the epitome of luxury living and exceptional experiences – a place where you truly belong.

"Unveiling the Magnificent Future"
The Ultimate Pedda Golkonda

Issara belmond near

International Airport

Introducing our exquisite villa project, conveniently situated just a 5-minute drive away from the airport, offering luxurious living with unparalleled accessibility.

orr 1

Outer Ring Road

Our luxurious villa project, ideally located just a stone’s throw away from the outer ring road,Discover luxury living at its finest, just 2 minutes from the outer ring road.

financial disctrict 2

Financial District

Our Elegant villa venture, ideally located just 30 minutes away from the bustling financial district, offering the perfect blend of luxury and convenience.


Aga Khan School

Our premium villa project, is strategically situated in close proximity to the renowned aga khan school a lifestyle of unparalleled comfort and accessibility.


Strategically situated near Shamsabad Airport and Pedda Golconda,making it ideal for businesses and frequent flyers. our project boasts a prime location with remarkable advantages.Just minutes from the ORR and a short 5-minute drive to the airport, it also offers swift connections to the financial district. Moreover, the environment is refreshingly pollution-free, making it a truly one-of-a-kind destination. Discover a place that combines convenience and nature seamlessly – your gateway to a better lifestyle.

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